Swim Certification
Swim certification is required for all girls who are attending camp, and will be taken care of at the ward level. Contact your Ward Camp Director for details. 

Canoe Certification

The King Canoeing activity is a High-adventure 10 mile river run with class II rapids.  Because of the intensity and skill level of this activity, experience is required to participate.  We have organized a canoeing certification course on June 4th at CLAS Ropes.  Attendance will be required in order to participate in the King Canoeing activity. There will be two time slots, assigned as wards, 9-11 and 12-2.  Participants will receive instruction and practice in the following areas-

1-Name and point out the major parts of a canoe.
2-Demonstrate kneeling and sitting positions in a canoe and explain the proper use for each position.
3-Change places while afloat in the canoe.
4-In deep water, exit the canoe and get back in without capsizing.
5-Capsize safety instructions

With a companion, use a properly equipped canoe to demonstrate the following paddling strokes-
a. Forward stroke
b. Backstroke
c. Draw
d. Pushaway
e. Forward sweep
f.  Reverse sweep

For stern paddling only:
g. J-stroke
h. Rudder stroke

a. Pivot or spin the canoe in either direction.
b. Move the canoe sideways or abeam in either direction.
c. Stop the canoe.
d. Move the canoe in a straight line for 50 yards.

During certification, each girl will need to demonstrate competency in the above areas in order to qualify to participate in the King Canoeing activity. If she is unable to adequately steer the canoe or pull herself inside the canoe without capsizing, she will not be allowed to participate in King Canoeing and will need to choose another activity. This is ultimately a matter of safety.  Please be wise in your activity choice and supportive of the leaders managing certifications.