Map & Info

Camp Location:

Fire Policy: Due to the dry conditions of the council properties and surrounding USFS, private and BLM lands, all properties owned and operated by the Great Salt Lake Council, BSA, have adopted the following policy:
**Open flame fires are prohibited except in the Campfire Amphitheater**

Flag Raising and Lowering
Participants and staff gather in formation each morning at 7:45 a.m. for flag raising, and 5:45 p.m. for flag lowering. All crews are encouraged to wear their field or matching crew uniform. Your group may be asked to perform the flag ceremony. On Wednesday nights, there will not be a Flag Lowering.

Litter: Help us to keep camp clean. Please dispose of trash properly in trash receptacles located throughout camp. Thanks!  

Lost and Found: All lost and found items will be collected at the camp office. Items not claimed will be at the Council Service Center until August 31. After that, all remaining items will be donated to charity. 

Off Limits Areas: For safety reasons, scouts and leaders are not allowed near the river on camp property, except when they are there for a program activity, accompanied by a staff member and wearing a PFD. 

Parking: There is limited secured parking on the grounds for cars, vans and small trailers. Please carpool to avoid a shortage of parking on Base! 

Quiet Hours: Quiet Hours start at 10pm. After this time, all Scouts and leaders should be in thier tents or shelters. 

Shower Facilities: Leaders are expected to abide by BSA Youth Protection guidelines at all times. The Shower house has youth, adult and female sections and are available from 6am to 9pm for campers and leaders. 

Swimsuits: ALL SWIMMING ATTIRE MUST BE MODEST. For men, Speedo-type swimsuits are not appropriate; swim suits should have liners in them. For women, bikinis are not appropriate; one-piece swimsuits and modest tankini suits are considered appropriate. 

Trading Post: We do have a trading post at camp with logo gear, patches, clothing, swimsuits, sunscreen, snacks, ice cream, drinks, wetsuit rentals and much more. Bring some extra cash for things you forgot, or want to buy and take home. We also accept checks and Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover. We are open 9am - 9pm, except meals! 

Vehicles in Camp: The speed limit is 5mph, and non-camp vehicles are not permitted past the parking lot. No passengers are to be carried in the bed of a truck. Keep vehicles on established roads and out of campsites. 

Weather: Summer weather in Jackson Hole includes frozen grass at sunrise, snow squalls in July, frequent afternoon showers, sun burning afternoon heat, and strong canyon winds. Luckily most of the time, it is absolutely gorgeous! Evenings are cool, especially in June. If you are coming in early summer, you should bring warm clothing. Dressing in layers is always best. 

Wildlife: Potguts, badgers and other critters are a part of our life at Teton High Aventure Base. Please DO NOT harass or otherwise harm the wildlife. Do not leave food or trash unattended around camp.