When is Stake Girl's Camp? Monday, August 8 - Wednesday, August 10th 

Where are we going? Highland West Stake Young Women will be enjoying 3 beautiful days, and 2 cozy nights at the Teton High Adventure Base Camp, located 12 miles south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Click here for more details, and give President Anderson and President Smith double high-fives and a big "thank you" the next time you see them. 

How much is camp? $50. Make a check payable to your ward, and in the "other" category, write "Stake Girl's Camp".

When can I sign up for activities? Beginning May 1st at 5pm

When is the deadline to turn in my forms? Who do I turn them into? All forms are due to your ward camp director by June 1st. 

What if I just moved into the stake and want to go to camp? Contact your ward camp director. She is all-knowing, and will be able to help you.

How do I sign up for the activities? When you register online beginning May 1st, you will be prompted to select two activities. Make sure you have a back-up plan in case your first choices aren't available.

What if I don’t get the activities I want? Channel your inner "Pollyanna" and make the best of it. Most girls won't get into every activity they want, and that's okay. There will be lots of fun activities, and lots of fun girls doing those activities.
Can I sign up with a friend so we get the same activity/rotation? No, darn it! I know, it's a total bummer. You and your friend can sign up for the same activities, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to do them at the same time. The directors at Teton High Adventure create everyone's schedule of activities, and, unfortunately, we don't have any control. If we could change one thing in this world, it would be this! #worlddomination 

If I change my mind later, can I switch activities?
Once you sign up for your activities online, you are not able to go back and change them. No exceptions. Nada. So plan carefully. 

How come I can’t register for White Water Rafting or for the Low Copes Course? Everyone is automatically registered for these activities. (You can thank us for this hook up later.)

I’m nervous about participating in some of the activities.
That's okay, some of the adults are nervous, too. High adventure camp is about learning to do new things, and sometimes that feels scary or uncomfortable. Your leaders and friends will be there to help you and support you every step of the way! Conquering fears builds amazing confidence.

Once I sign up for an activity, does that mean I got in?
No. You have to turn in all of your paperwork-- BSA medical form, Stake permission form, White Water permission form-- to your ward camp director before June 1st to make sure you get to participate in the activities that you sign up for.

I want to sign up for shooting, but I am a Beehive.
If you will be 14 at the time of camp, then you can sign up for either of the shooting activities. 

What does “Swim Certification” mean?
Basically, it means that you have to show your leaders that you can actually swim without wearing a life jacket. Swim certifications will be done at the ward level.  

I'm a good swimmer. Do I still need to do swim certification? Yes. Even if you hold the Olympic Gold Medal in women's butterfly, you still need "swim certification". You will complete this requirement as a ward.

What is "Canoe Certification" and do I have to do it? If you are registered for the King Canoeing activity, then you reeeeeeeally need to be at the June 4th certification to be able to participate at camp. But ... IF you just can’t make it on June 4th, contact your All-Knowing-All-In-Ward-Camp-Rep. She will help you with "Plan B". 

What if I can’t be there on June 4th for the canoe certification, but I signed up for King Canoeing-- what do I do? Contact your All-Knowing-All-In-Ward-Camp-Rep. She will help you with "Plan B".

I don’t want to get a physical, or I don't have time to get one? The BSA medical form requirement is non-negotiable. If you don't turn it in, you don't get to go.

I am a leader going to camp. Do I need to register and get a physical? Yep, yes, and yes! We need you to register so that we have an accurate headcount for food and stuff (so much stuff!), however, you do not need to sign up for activities. Regarding the physical, anyone attending camp is required to turn in the BSA medical form. And that goes for Olivia Newton John, too. 

I had a physical this year, do I have to get another one?
You don't need to get another physical as long as your doctor will sign your BSA medical form.

Can I bring my cell phone? Don't hate us, but ... no, you can't bring your cell phone. Mostly because we want you to realize how hard life was when your leaders were teenagers, and cell phones didn't exist. Like trek, but in the '80s. Candy Crush and Snap Chat will be waiting patiently for your return. Remember, you can do hard things. #icandohardthings

Can I come to camp and not do any of the activities? Sure. Bring your cleaning gloves, and we'll put you to work!

Is there a dress code? You know it! You can find it in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, or online here. Don't even think about bringing a bikini, okay? Just ... don't.

Where will we be staying? We will be sleeping in cabins and tents. There are showers and bathrooms, too. Hooray! 

What if I forget "something" (deodorant, my pocket knife, female toiletries)? From the website: " We do have a trading post at camp with ... sunscreen, snacks, ice cream, drinks, wet suit rentals, and much more. Bring some extra cash for things you forgot, or want to buy and take home" (like scouting patches, wink, wink). Your leaders will be prepared with items not available at the trading post (like female toiletries and Midol), just in case.