Teton HIGH ADVENTURE Girl's Camp 101

Hi there! Welcome to the Highland West Stake Girl's Camp website. Here you will find all of the information you need to register for Stake Girl's Camp. Since we are going BIG on adventure, there are a few extra items you will need to complete in order to officially register for Stake Girl's Camp. If you are good at following directions, it will be super easy. Pinky promise! And you can always click on the FAQ link, if you have any questions. 

How to Register for Teton High Adventure Girl's Camp

STEP 1:  Print the following forms:

Have the right people sign them (your guardian and doctor), then turn them into your Ward Camp Director. These forms are required for you to attend the Teton High Adventure camp. No exceptions. For real. You cannot go to camp if these forms are not completed and turned in. 

STEP 2: Review the different activities available at camp. There are sooooooo many exciting choices (Squee! Clapping! High kicks!) Some activities are limited in the number of girls that can participate. The number of open spots are shown next to the activity on the Teton High Adventure Activities page. Read over the activity descriptions (some have age and experience requirements), and make a list of your top 3 choices.

STEP 3: On May 1st at 5pm, click on the registration button, and sign up for your activities and select your sweatshirt choice (zipper or hoodie). Some activities have limited spots, so you'll want to sign up quickly! EVERYONE will do the River Raft activity (because orange life vests are on-point), and you'll participate in the Low COPES Course as a ward (yay for bonding time and unity).

STEP 4: Give your forms-- BSA medical form, Highland West Stake permission form, White Water permission form-- and your $50 camp payment (via tithing envelope) to your ward camp director by June 1st. If you don't know who that is, click here. This is a FIRM deadline. If you don't turn your forms in by this deadline, you risk losing your activity choices. Like, seriously. And we don't want that to happen.

STEP 5: Review the FAQ page, and the packing list. Make sure you bring your best "This is going to be AMAZING, I'M ALL IN!" attitude. And some delicious snacks, because ... camp food. Just kidding, the camp food is supposed to be "great".